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Tolgahan Kangal

Programmer / Game Designer

Nil Sina Yıldırım

Graphics Designer


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Casino Resort Tower is a simulation game where you build the world’s tallest casino-hotel tower from the ground up! You will have to face the most difficult challenges to be the best five-star hotel around. Are you ready to take charge of everything and test your management skills?

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Plan, build, design.

Make your plans and give orders for the construction of a money-maker skyscraper. Various styles of furniture, windows, curtains, wallpapers are going to help you to create rooms with elegant decoration and lighting. But just building is not enough; maintenance of the items and cleanliness of the rooms is crucial for customer happiness.

Create a gambling kingdom.

The casino will be a big part of your revenue and a great entertainment source for the customers. Variety is important. Some gamblers like to play card games, roulette games; some are more into slot machine games or dice games. Others want to try their luck and have some fun with keno machines, bingo games, or fortune wheels.

Yummy into tummies.

Nobody wants to go to a casino hotel if there is no delicious cuisine. Your bartenders, chefs, and baristas will be waiting for your arrangements for menus. Pro gamblers say you should not drink before you play but, who can say no to a gorgeous cocktail after a pleasing dinner?

Rooms for everyone.

You can not go without presidential hotel rooms for high-end customers. You will also need affordable rooms for every budget with, you know, fewer extravagances. All of that creates a big pile of laundry. So always make sure that you have enough housekeepers and janitors to keep up with that.

Fill this place with a lot of people.

Having more customers means having more profits. You should immediately start construction for taxi ranks, bus stops, parking lots, and even a metro station. So people can come however they want, and whenever they want.

Organize events.

Events are fun for customers and profitable for the business. Host company meetings, poker tournaments, make deals with tourism agencies. It will do more harm than good if your events fail, so you should organize them wisely.

Design utility systems.

You will need water, electricity, internet, and sewage systems for your services. Management of your inventory is also essential. You don’t want to say you can not order dessert because we ran out of sugar or your bed sheets are dirty because we don’t have any detergent left.

Yeah, we need that office documents.

Human resources offices help you to manage your employees. Start marketing campaigns or take advertisements for your billboards via marketing offices. You should also consider opening an accounting department to avoid some taxes.

Prevent crime.

Cheater at a casino causes a loss in profits, pickpocketer at the bus station creates unhappy customers. Place CCTV cameras, monitoring tables, and plan security patrols to stop crime at your business.

Amenities are vital for sure.

Every person in the Casino Resort Tower has likes/dislikes and personality traits. Gym rats will be pleased if you have a fabulous gym. Arcade lovers want a gaming room. And a spa service with saunas, hot tubs; and a massage service with professional massage therapists is a must for a five-star hotel.