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We are an independent game development company of two. We create games for video game lovers.


Tolgahan Kangal

Programmer / Game Designer

Nil Sina Yıldırım

Graphics Designer


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Casino Resort Tower is a simulation game where you build and manage a casino hotel skyscraper from the ground up. While trying to solve the problems caused by troublesome customers with a CEO that dreams about a luxury office.

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Build & Design

Construct your own casino hotel skyscraper and customize it to your liking using hundreds of items.


Make tough decisions and choose the best path forward for your hotel’s success and growth.

Casino Operations

Build and design your own casino within your hotel, choose from a variety of games to offer, and assign them to specific areas to attract different types of guests and increase your profits.

Inventory Management

Manage your hotel’s inventory and order supplies to ensure that your guests always have what they need.

Employee Management

Hire, fire, and manage the shifts of your employees and keep them happy to ensure the smooth operation of your hotel.


Design and manage your hotel’s utility systems to keep the lights on and the water flowing smoothly.


Build relationships with the local townsfolk and complete their tasks to earn rewards and improve your reputation in the community.

Menu Design

Create restaurant, bar, cafe, vendor, and vending machine menus to cater to your guests’ every taste and preference.

Banking & Loans

Manage your hotel’s finances, sign loans, and choose from a variety of offers from different banks to keep your hotel running smoothly.


Keep your guests safe by assigning security patrols, designing CCTV systems, and detaining suspects to prevent different types of crimes.


Start marketing campaigns by using the marketing documents you’ve created and attract more guests.


Build and manage offices to create office documents that you can use while executing administrative orders.

CEO Office Requests

Complete office requests from your CEO to earn rating points and improve your hotel’s reputation.

Waste Management

Keep your hotel clean and hygienic by assigning people, creating rooms, and ordering cleaning supplies for the collection and disposal of the waste accumulating around the building.


Manage the maintenance of the items that break around your hotel and keep everything in good working order.


Organize different types of events and attract more guests to your hotel, from simple concepts to extravagant parties.


Set rules and policies for your guests and employees to follow to ensure a peaceful and productive hotel environment.


Build and design taxi ranks, bus stops, metro stations, and parking lots to satisfy your guests’ transportation needs.

Price Management

Manage the prices of your hotel’s services and adjust them based on your hotel’s rating to keep your guests happy and maximize profits.